Do you have a special occasion coming up?  Do you feel like you have nothing to wear? Would you like to dress in style while saving money and reducing your fashion footprint on the environment?

Do you have a wardrobe of beautiful clothes that you have worn once or twice but you don’t want to part with? That outfit that you wore once and is taking up space in your wardrobe can now put some extra money in your account.

Ezistyle is the peer-to-peer platform you need.

Ezistyle offers a platform where those who need something to wear and those who have stunning clothes not being worn can connect in order to rent fashion items. You list the items that you would like to rent out, others browse these items and can rent them from you for a fraction of the new cost.

We are a new site so there is a lot of growth potential in the Clarence Valley and beyond.  After your wedding you can list your gown on Ezistyle (either to rent or sell) if you would like your gown to bring joy to others.  Your bridesmaids, parents or guests may also be interested in listing their garments.   


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