The Dangers of purchasing cheap gowns online.

This picture shows the difference between a Veromia designer gown and a knock off of the same gown.

In this generation of technology it is so easy to go online and purchase almost anything from almost anywhere in the world. Many unscrupulous overseas companies are taking advantage of today’s brides. With weddings being very expensive occasions, many brides go searching online for their dream gown at a much reduced price.

Many online gowns are not originals but knock-offs of a designer gown.

To lure in the bride the seller uses the original photograph from the designer gown but the price is substantially lower. They will even have the designer label in the website code so that it is found when the right keyword is plugged in. When the gown arrives it is not identical. In some cases you could wonder how the manufacturer could even try to pass it off as the same gown.

If the price seems to good to be true it usually is.

The manufacturer of the knock-off doesn’t use the same quality fabric, the beading is different, the workmanship is not the same, they use less fabric and they use less boning and structure leading to a poorer fitting gown and often a disappointed bride.

The problem is a lot of brides do not realize this until the dress arrives. By this time it could be too late and they spend a lot of money improving the knock off or finding another gown.

Take care ordering “designer” gowns for a fraction of the price. Check the reviews for the company and be prepared for the gown to be a knock off, not an original.

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