What are the different body shapes?

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We all have very different body types.

When it comes to bodies and clothes, size and shape are 2 different things and are often confused. Whether you are small or plus size you can be any of the 5 basic body types/shapes. On that note, just because a dress is in your size and fits, doesn’t mean that it flatters your figure type.

Since the 1960’s the measurements 90-60-90 centimeters have often been given as the ideal measurements. In 2018 the woman with these measurements would be considered smaller than average. As proportions go 4-3-4 are the numbers. This “ideal” indicates that bust and waist are equal measurements. If you divide your bust measurement by 4, then multiply that number by 3 you will get the corresponding waist measurement.

However, very few of us have these proportions, and even fewer have these “ideal” measurements. The good news is, no matter your body shape there are clothes that will flatter your figure by disguising the areas you are unhappy with and enhancing the areas you love. Even these will differ from person to person and culture to culture.

The five figure types are pear, apple, column, hourglass and strawberry.


The “pear” (or triangle) shaped female tends to have wider hips and thighs with narrower shoulders, a small bust and defined waist. This figure type tends to have a rounded bottom and thighs.

The “pear” shaped woman may want to emphasize her small waist and look to styles that add fullness to the shoulders and bust.


Ladies with an “apple” (oval) shape tend to carry their weight through the mid-section. They tend to have a less defined waist, average to large bust, small hips and good legs.

The woman with an “apple” body type may want to choose styles that give the illusion of a smaller waist, make the torso appear longer and/or show off her good legs.


The “column” (or rectangle) shape has very little by way of “curves”. These ladies will have an athletic appearance with a smaller bust, undefined waist and small bottom and hips.

Choose styles that create the illusion of a waist and curves. Alternatively, rock the 1920s flapper look.


The “hourglass” figure is a “curvy” figure. The Bust and hips are usually similar in measurement with a proportionately small waist. Women with an hourglass shape usually have a fuller bust and rounded bottom.

Show off your proportionately small waist and natural curves.


The “strawberry”, (or inverted triangle) shaped body will have broader shoulders and narrower hips with a flattish bottom. Generally, ladies with this shape have an athletic looking build.

Style to create visual balance – patterns on the lower half and simple tops. Create the illusion of a small waist using a belt and wear clothes that draw attention to your slim legs.

Your wedding gown is one of the main things that people will remember from your wedding day. No matter your shape you should feel your best on your wedding day and much of that comes from wearing a style that flatters your figure. A lot of thought and planning goes into what you were wearing the day and sometimes it can be confusing knowing where to start.

With the basics of body shapes covered, in a future blog we will look at silhouettes of wedding gowns and which silhouettes tend to suit which body types best.

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